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Here at Wealth And Loyalty, we always remind our clients to think long-term understanding this is not a get rich quick scheme, nothing is. We explain to our clients how value is much more important than the price of the assets. We want assets with real value, that are undervalued compared to market price.

We get you in and out of the market at the correct times through our portfolio managers doing technical analysis, we combine this with value investing which simply means finding assets that are undervalued as mentioned above.

We have a long-term vision for each investment by doing in-depth research, making sure we understand each asset, from what they do, how they do it, what problems they are solving, the team behind it, there vision and how they will progress.

Once we have done all our research into these assets, we will speak to you the client and ask you what type of investment you would like, for example how long you would like the investment to be and many more factors, we keep it nice and simple and will help advice you through this process.

Once we understand your needs, we will plan the investment around that.

The process.

This will take you through each step of how we do our investments to make sure your happy and understand how we structure our investment plans.


In-depth research.

We do in-depth research into various assets making sure they are a safe and a profitable investment.


Investment type.

Our Investment philosophy is value Investing, finding assets that are undervalued, buying the value of the asset, buying you in as low a possible and taking you out of the market as high as possible.

We will go through various potential assets with you, and explain to you how a cryptocurrency called Ethereum went from around $0.40 to $1400 in the space of just 3 years, meaning $1000 investment would of returned $3.5 million, Bitcoin gets all the headlines but there are sleeping giants out there ready to explode in price.

Is their a cryptocurrency that has more value or just as much? Yes definitely.  


Picking the correct assets.

We only offer a small list at present of cryptocurrency assets to our clients and the reason for this is, we are very careful in what assets we invest in for our clients, we want to know everything about that asset before we invest into them, making sure they are safe and will be profitable.


In-depth technical analysis.

We will do in-depth technical analysis, This will enable us to work out the best time to buy and sell.

This will enable your investment to be safe and will give you a fantastic substantial gain.


Information on your investments.

We send you an in-depth welcome pack, this covers: all the information about your investment with us, from the type of investment, your investment plan, our legal contract, weekly updates, along with an in-depth document about the asset or assets we have picked for your investment. You will also have an app on your smart phone, that will track your portfolio for you.


Weekly updates.

We send you in-depth weekly updates on your investments to tell you how they’re getting on every Friday evening before 10pm UK time.

We provide you with a report on trends in the market with expected increases or decreases. News in the market in general and the psychology in the market.



We will send your profits straight to your bank.

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