Our Approach

A digital partner you can rely on

At Wealth And Loyalty, we are value investors, who find undervalued Digital Assets in the market, compared to their real-world value. We think long-term and build wealth slowly over time, which is the key to building wealth safely and efficiently.

We don’t trade with leverage. We buy the actual Digital Asset, which brings down the risk on the investment significantly. We invest in Digital Assets that have real-world value, that helps people and businesses. We invest in assets that are changing the world.

The Process

This will take you through each step of how we do our investments.

1. Your investment goals and needs 

We speak to you about your specific goals and needs from us, we then base a strong investment portfolio around your needs and goals, each client has their own plan and a fully managed individual investment portfolio with us.

2. Legal contract, legal compliance, AML-KYC and transfer of funds
The client and ourselves sign the investment contract online before the client sends us the investment funds. This enables the client and ourselves to be fully protected before and during the investment. 

We also require the client to fill out an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) form and a Know Your Customer (KYC) form.


Once the legal documents are filled out and the contract is signed, the client then sends us the investment funds. 

3. Investing in the safest cryptocurrencies

We are very careful in what cryptocurrencies we invest in for our clients, this helps enable a solid, steady, and safe investment for our clients.

4. Chart analysis 

We do in-depth chart analysis; this enables us to work out the best times to buy and sell.

This will enable your investment to be safe at all times while maximising profits.

5. Information on your investment 

You will receive a welcome pack, which covers: all the information about your investment with us, from what crypto assets we have invested into, to the legal contract.

You will also have a third-party app on your smartphone, that will track your portfolio for you on a daily. You also have the opportunity to join our client Telegram, whereby you can talk to us daily.

6. Monthly investment reports 

We email you in-depth monthly reports on your investments.

We provide you with a report on trends in the market with expected increases or decreases, along with fundamental news in the crypto market.

7. Profits and return of investment 

When it comes to withdrawing your investment with us, we will simply send your profits and investment capital straight to your bank account.

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