Partnership Programme

Let’s build loyalty together.

We will always keep to our name Wealth And Loyalty by building wealth and building loyalty together. Here are some of the rewards for our clients loyalty.
  • If you refer 5 clients to us, the initial commission fee will be wiped off for life on any future investments!
  • When our company grows, we will lower our initial commission fee, meaning each time you come back to make further investments with us, this will lower each time, This will eventually mean you won’t be charged an initial commission fee! We will announce when this is in place!
  • A client at random will be drawn from a hat, on Christmas day every year, to win an initial commission-free investment, this means you won’t be charged the initial commission fee, on any future investments for 1 whole year, we will also do Christmas giveaways!
  • Once a client has been with the company for 5 years, we will wipe off the initial commission fee for life on any future investments!
  You should be extremely proud of yourself for being humble and investing in the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. We look forward to building wealth and loyalty together for many years to come.

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