We work with you to find the right investment products for you.


Our small but dedicated team have the resources to find the next best investment.


We have access to growing cryptocurrency markets across the globe.


Based in the UK, we’re one of the industry’s fastest growing dedicated portfolio management firms.

Your trusted partner when you are looking to protect and grow your wealth for the future.

Wealth and Loyalty are the very first Cryptocurrency wealth management firms in the UK. Our specialists are experts in cryptocurrency investing.

We turn market analysis, current affairs and accurate research into tangible data that is used to drive our investments to achieve real and profitable results.

Our formula ensures that you stay ahead of the crowd and ahead of the bubble.

Get insight into crypto-currencies.

Our team are specialists in cryptocurrencies, we analysis how markets will move, giving you peace of mind when there are uncertainties in the global economy.

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Why choose us?

We have a team of experts in this specific asset class that we invest into called cryptocurrencies. We are not trying to invest in multiple investment markets. Cryptocurrency investing is our specific skill set and expertise. We believe if you’re interested in investing into the cryptocurrency markets, it is vital you pick a firm that are experts in that specific field rather than a firm who invests in multiple markets.

You will be looked after to the highest standard, you will be updated on your investment every week on a Friday through our weekly update via email.

You will have an app on your smart phone, this tracks your investment portfolio and will update you daily on how your investment is getting on.


Trusted by the following businesses and individuals with their investments:

Let the professionals invest for you.

Many people struggle due to not understanding exactly how investing works. For example: they may not understand cryptocurrencies, what prior research is necessary or investment cycles and the psychology that is linked. These are some of the reasons it comes with great importance to involve experts in this field to invest for you.

Even if all the stages mentioned are understood, many people fall too emotionally involved. This will effect many factors including discipline and patience which therefore can effect how people react to certain situations. In most cases when people get too emotionally involved it results in the investor losing large sums of money.

The returns in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market are much greater and quicker than the traditional markets, as history has shown in assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. Simply meaning that the markets are more volatile, this is a fantastic factor. Due to the volatility, it is therefore important that you have a professional team investing for you, making sure you obtain a safe and solid return.


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