Our Team

Will Wright.

CEO and Founder.

The CEO & Founder of Wealth And Loyalty is Mr Will Wright. Will gained his experience starting with two excellent mentors that he studied from for the duration of 1 year. He then began his further studies into cryptocurrency assets for the duration of another 1 year, before launching Wealth And Loyalty in December 2018.

Will’s area of expertise is in the fundamentals of the assets. He makes sure we invest into the best and safest assets. That they obtain a strong use case, combined with a professional team and clear vision.

A message from the CEO:

I want everyone to understand our strong values and clear vision here at Wealth And Loyalty. Our business model is very strong yet simple. We want to build wealth and loyalty together from our team that work with us, to our clients who invest with us. Hence our name Wealth And Loyalty.

We are a solid team, a family who look after our clients and team to the highest standard. Unfortunately, the investment markets have a bad reputation, we will succeed in changing this! Together we will bring trust and stability in to the investment world. 

Business is all about helping each other, no one in life is self-made. Our main goal is to look after our clients and deliver for them to the highest standard. By combining all of the above, we will accomplish our great vision here at Wealth And Loyalty. 

If you choose my company to invest for you, I can assure you will be looked after to the highest standard, of which you will receive the very best results.

Investment Consultants

Keelan Holmwood.

Investment Consultant.

Introducing Mr Keelan Holmwood.
Keelan is part of our Investment consultant team based here in the UK.
He has vast expertise in the cryptocurrency market and finance in general.
Keelan has been with us right from the very beginning, showing a huge passion for helping people.

Keelan is always improving his knowledge on a daily basis, making sure every present client is looked after with all the up to date information. Keelan also makes sure any potential clients knows all the details about how we can help them.

Danielle Christley.

Investment Consultant.

Hello, my name is Danielle.

I’m based in the USA. I am here to help people worldwide with their financial future.

I’m highly experienced in customer service, my background being in Real Estate . My passion in life is connecting with people and helping fulfil their needs. Getting to know a client’s financial goals and building a loyal and professional relationship is my ambition.

Working with Wealth And Loyalty suits my personality and morals and I can’t wait to help you.


Liam Connor.

Investment Consultant.

Introducing Mr Liam Connor.

As an Investment consultant at Wealth And Loyalty, I’m currently based in Bournemouth, UK. I will be providing you with professional knowledge, helping you access and invest into Digital-Assets. I am an expert in my field, understanding a range of different Digital Assets and blockchain technologies, investment principles and market psychology.

I am here to help plan your Digital Asset investments, if you would like to discuss further please get in touch and I will be happy to help you.

Portfolio Managers

Our portfolio managers, have vast expertise and experience in the cryptocurrency market. Our portfolio team are experts in technical analysis. They make sure we get our clients into the market as low as possible, to then sell as high as possible.

Rico Collina.

Portfolio Manager.

Introducing Mr Rico Collina from the Philippines. Rico is a vastly experienced trader, having been a cryptocurrency trader since the year 2016. He has traded both spot and derivative cryptocurrency assets. He uses data analysis incorporating it to the traditional way of technical and fundamental analysis.


James Bautista.

Portfolio Manager.

Introducing Mr James Bautista from the Philippines. James is a vastly experienced Cryptocurrency trader, the same as Rico Collina, they both started there trading career together in the year 2016. James identifies entry points and exit points in the field of technical analysis, analysing charts to identify price pattern and market trends within the cryptocurrency markets.

Rico Collina and James Bautista, have formed a formidable partnership over the years by working together on a daily basis in the trading world.