What are crypto-currencies and blockchain?


What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies or another name for them (Digital-Assets) are the first new asset class since the 1600’s which is incredible. This new asset class will revolutionise the payment world, the authentic of products and many more business industries.

Investing into cryptocurrency assets is similar to investing into the stock market. It’s the same principle, investing into assets that are valuable.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset which can be used to make payments and receive payments without the need for a middleman, a lot of these assets are more than just a from of digital hard money, they are assets that can help businesses and people solve real world problems, such as been a fast settlement system for banks remittance companies etc, traceability tracking on the blockchain, smart contracts, decentralised apps and even working with self-driving cars!

There is a Digital-asset that is being/will be used by banks, remittance companies etc to send money across borders instantly anywhere in the world 24-7 into any currency in the world. It acts as a fast settlement bridge asset, making the worlds liquidity fly around the world like data does today (emails) the current financial system is not sustainable, as cash-flow does not move fast enough for one, it can now thanks to this efficient digital-asset.

As you can see it has huge VALUE.

In simple words cryptocurrencies are digital, decentralised currencies, that rely upon cryptographic principles for transferring payments and data, they have a fixed supply unlike fiat money and stocks, with a fixed supply of these assets, with demand outweighing supply the value price wise will be in the very high numbers.

The blockchain is what cryptocurrencies run on to send the payment, and various other major use cases, the blockchain keeps everything encrypted, fast and secure. The blockchain can be used for various things not just sending and receiving payments, but also smart contracts, tracing items on the blockchain, making sure items are authentic, transferring data, proof of ownership of a product, stock exchange decentralising social media, a decentralised internet, decentralised markets etc.


Blockchain offers a number of potential advantages, over a database.

First, blockchain technology is decentralised. In simple terms, this just means there isn’t a data centre where all transaction data is stored. Instead, data from this digital ledger is stored on hard drives and servers all over the globe. The blockchain can not be changed, for example with a database the data can be manipulated edited deleted etc, with a blockchain the data is there forever, nothing can be deleted or changed making this extremely valuable especially for tracking items and proving authenticity of a product.

This revolutionary technology will contribute to making this world a more trustworthy and efficient place.


What is the average return on investment?

In a bull market the average return on investment is in the 100s and even 1000s of % return on your capital, compared to the stock market of which is 10 % on average return a year and a savings account with is 1 % return a year.

The gains in this new asset class have out performed every asset class there is and will continue to do so. One of the reasons is because of its massive value that it offers, another reason is because it’s a brand new asset class, with very little capital in this market, the market cap is currently tiny! for example: as of current writing the market cap is around 200 billion dollars in the cryptocurrency market, when a market has very little capital in that market there will be volatility, simply meaning massive movements, now if you know how to invest properly you will make HUGE returns. Volatility is an asset not a liability.

Remember, something is only every risky when you don’t know what you’re doing. The stock market has around 30 to 70 trillion dollars in that market cap, the derivatives market has around 1.2 quadrillion at the high end, the real estate market has a market cap of around 217 trillion dollars, now all of these markets don’t have huge price movements simply because these market are much more mature with more capital in those markets.


In 2017 a cryptocurrency went up 36,000 %

Let’s compare that to traditional markets, for example: the stock market, the Nasdaq Composite Index which gained 27% in 2017. There absolutely no comparison.

We believe at Wealth And Loyalty this amazing technology will contribute to the market becoming the biggest financial market of all time, along with the biggest wealth transfer of all time, from traditional markets to cryptocurrency.

P.S 2020 is the year of the phenomenon as us cryptocurrency investors call it. Hardly anyone knows about this event, this event happens every 4 years in the cryptocurrency markets, it’s more commonly known as the Bitcoin halving event, every time this event happens the cryptocurrency market starts a new cycle a (bull market) where the prices shoot up massively.


Cryptocurrencies are the safest long-term investments out there.

We state that cryptocurrency investments in the correct ones are the safest long-term investments our there, this is a massive statement for an asset class that is volatile. The main reason for this massive statement is simply due to some of these assets having a max fixed supply, for example: Bitcoin only has 21 million Bitcoins available to purchase, no more will be made. This is the only asset class that is a deflation asset class.

This asset class is currently the only (low) financial market out there. Others financial markets are at record highs, you only buy (low to then sell high) yet a lot of people are running into an all time high stock market… unfortunately emotions sell.

Cryptocurrency is the only market that has had a healthy bear market in 2018 and 2019 at the end of 2018 it consolidated which means going sideways for around 1 year. Consolidation happens after a sell of period and means the bottom of the market, we have got all our clients in the lowest prices possible, ready for it’s next cycle (bull market) between the year 2020 and 2022, We have seen massive movements already around 400 % at the time of writing in July 2020. We are currently out perfuming every traditional Investment firm, who aim to make 20 % a year.


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