What are crypto-currencies and blockchain?

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies or (Digital-Assets) are the first new asset class since the 1600s, which is incredible. This new asset class will revolutionise the payment world, the authenticity of products and many more business industries.

Investing in cryptocurrency assets is similar to investing in the stock market and commodities, it’s the same principle, investing into assets that are valuable.

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset that can be used to make payments and receive payments without the need for a middleman. A lot of these assets are more than just a form of digital hard money, they are assets that can help businesses and people solve real-world problems, such as a fast settlement system for banks and financial institutions, traceability tracking on the blockchain, smart contracts, decentralised apps and even working with self-driving cars!

There is a Digital-Asset that is transforming the payment system being a new fast, cost-efficient system with no counterparty risk, allowing 24-7 settlement into any currency in the world. It acts as a fast settlement bridge asset, making the world’s liquidity cash-flow flow around the world like data (emails) does today. The current financial system is not sustainable, as cash-flow payments do not move fast enough for one… it can now!

As you can see this specific Digital-Asset has MASSIVE VALUE. We currently have over $1 million dollars invested into this specific asset. 

In simple words, cryptocurrencies are digital, decentralised currencies, that rely upon cryptographic principles for transferring payments and data. Some have a fixed supply, unlike fiat money and stocks. With a fixed supply of these Digital-Assets, with demand outweighing supply, the price will grow to in very high numbers. For example Bitcoin has only 21 million Bitcoins, that’s it, no more can ever be made. Bitcoin’s price went from $0 in 2009 when it came out to around $69k USD at the end of 2021.

The blockchain is what cryptocurrencies run on to send the payment and various other major use cases. The blockchain keeps everything encrypted, fast and secure. The blockchain can be used for various things, not just sending and receiving payments, but also smart contracts, tracing items on the blockchain, making sure items are authentic, transferring data, proof of ownership of a product, stock exchange, decentralising social media, a decentralised internet, decentralised markets etc.

Blockchain offers several potential advantages, over a database.

First, blockchain technology is decentralised. In simple terms, this just means there isn’t a data centre where all transaction data is stored. Instead, data from this digital ledger is stored on hard drives and servers all over the globe. The blockchain can not be changed, for example with a database the data can be manipulated edited deleted etc, with a blockchain the data is on that system forever, nothing can be deleted or changed making this extremely valuable especially for tracking items and proving the authenticity of a product.

This revolutionary technology will contribute to making this world a more trustworthy, efficient and authentic world.

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